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An Australian Laundry peg basket made from lightweight Aluminium. An everlasting peg basket with classic style and durablility - We introduce to you a Unique, Elegant makeover of the humble laundry accessory, the boring old peg bag. We have created the next AUSSIE ICON which is called a PEG-MATE. Our Durable, Everlasting Aluminium peg baskets will hold your pegs or clothes pins on your clothesline or on your laundry trolley and replaces any other peg basket, peg holder, peg bag or laundry bag etc. and is a lovely addition to any laundry.

PegMate Hangs very nicely on your clothesline with all of these special qualities:-

  • This strongest little peg basket on the planet will not ROT, RUST OR FALL APART.
  • Our peg basket is made from lightweight Aluminum, a non rusting, non ferrous metal
  • Will not blow off the clothes line under normal conditions due to the reverse hooks and does not retain water
  • Pegs do not fall out, they stay clean and are protected from a lot of sunlight
  • Pegs are easily retrieved out of our peg basket
  • Hangs safely on your clothesline or your laundry trolley
  • PegMate is durable, strong and very long lasting, yet is light weight. It weighs as little as a mug of coffee
  • COST EFFECTIVE. No ongoing electricity costs as there is NO charge for fresh air drying. Also, buy our PegMate ONCE and ONCE only
  • ECO friendly.. All aluminum waste from manufacturing is fully re-cycled
  • Aesthetically pleasing, silky smooth to touch with an elegant style
  • PegMate LOOKS good, FEELS good and IS good.
  • PegMate makes a great, practical present. You can even fill this peg holder with goodies.


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Design registered with IP Australia
Classic style with durability.

Powder coated Aluminum for a smooth elegant finish and tough Aussie Durability.

Buy it once and once only, because being made of Non Ferrous Aluminum means that our Pegmate will give you years and years of faithful service and wash day bliss.